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Cistech Limited is developing a family of Quality Assurance best practices and tools for large-scale consulting applications, with the aim of improving product reliability and integrity, time to market, and reducing the total cost of ownership.

The networks of today often include several different operating systems, a variety of web-based and client/server applications, and other components from a potpourri of vendors. These heterogeneous networks introduce a high level of complexity when it comes to management and security issues. This complexity makes it impossible to effectively secure an entire networking environment with a single component such as a firewall.
Cistech Limited's current research focuses on a type of security breach known as Distributed Denial of Service. This is an attack that targets resources within the network with the intention of reserving resource and keeping legitimate users from gaining access.

The results of this research will provide a set of clear, consistent and structured management rules that may be used in different access control schemes. It will significantly advance the research knowledge and tools required to increase the level of productivity associated with e-business. As such, the anticipated project outcomes will contribute, in an important way, to the evolution of future secure e-society systems.

Cistech Limited is developing an Intelligent Logistic Management Solution (SmartTracker) for asset tracking and management over terrestrial and satellite wireless communication networks.

Cistech Limited's research also focuses on Secure Channel Based Systems. Security in a distributed system often comes at the cost of a performance penalty. Due to the CPU time consuming security algorithms used, transferring data using SSL is known to be significantly slow. The research project focuses on a security sieve that separates the non-classified components from the classified components and will transmit them over non-secure and secure channels respectively.  The components are re-assembled at the receiving end to reconstruct the original document. The secure components can be “marked” by the author of the document. It may also be possible to automatically identify them based on a set of keywords. For the work discussed in this research a “marked by author approach” is followed.

A paper presenting an initial set of research results of a university-industry collaborative research has been submitted in the ACM/SPEC International Conference (March 2011). The technique can be deployed both in a wired as well as in a wireless network domain.
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